Day 45: May 31, 2018 Good Things!

Day 45: May 31, 2018

Wow. Folks. I know it’s been heavy, so I’m going to be my goofy self today, and just keep it light. Talking about my past is tough, and not something I do often. I do it, in private, when I feel it will help others, or when I am explaining one of my behaviors, and usually apologizing. But, being so open isn’t easy.

I AM EXHAUSTED. From Tuesday through today, I’ve been to one of my client’s houses 4 times. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but, for me, it’s incredibly exhausting. It’s 30-40 minutes to get there one way, and depending on traffic, it’s 30+ minutes from there to anywhere else I need to be. I AM thankful I was able to be there, and get things moving forward. But, the driving is tiring. I got home, and just melted onto the couch, and I’m still struggling to be totally awake.

It’s time to plan our 3rd Quarter Event for my work family, and my coworker and I were working at one of our jobsites, and we started talking about getting a houseboat for 3 nights during the week, and how we could just bring his boat if any of needed to go to shore, he would take us, so we could go to our various jobsites! It was a good time. We were half serious. How cool would that be? But, we still have to talk to the boss man to see if he’s down with renting a boat for a day. Anyway, more to come and lots of talking and planning! I’ll let you know what happens!

I watched America’s Got Talent tonight, and a band called We Three played one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. It’s worth the listen, but it’s also powerfully emotional. If you haven’t let yourself feel in a while, this is the perfect time to do it! It’s OK to cry. See the link below.

This clip has their story, also. I promise that it’s worth the watch.

I was thinking about what I was going to write today. I knew it was going to be a light day. No hit you in the face emotional stuff. My eyes are burning I’m so tired. On days like today, when I’m exhausted, and know I have one more day to go, I listen to music, or cuddle with Dori, but I make a point to list 5 positive things that happened today. 5 seems like a lot to some of you, right? Doing this almost makes a person strive for positivity because while 5 seems like a lot, 5 isn’t a lot. Make sense? So, if a person can only think of 5 positive things in a day, does that mean there’s nothing positive? No, it doesn’t mean that at all. And, there have been days I couldn’t get to 5, but thinking about it makes you sit down, take stock of your day, and then find your peace with it, because TOMORROW is a new day. When you wake up tomorrow, you made it. It doesn’t matter how awful today was or how amazing it was, you get a do over tomorrow when you wake up. Here are my 5+ positive stand outs today. By the way, these are no in on particular order. They all made me equally happy. Getting even ONE positive is success. As you can see, I’ve been doing this for a while.

1. I woke up next to Jamie again today and like he does every single morning, he simply made my life better and easier on my way out the door to start my day

2. One of my clients was kind to me today

3. I had a successful day at another client’s house

4. Matt and I made each other laugh today

5. I got to see cute baby videos of Matt’s daughter today and it was adorable

6. I love that my daughter, Judy, is sending me Marco Polo video chats, and thank you to my sister, Jordan, for sending me the app to download

7. I got to eat a piece of chocolate cake today

8. Now that I can hug Dori again, she is very focused on doing it as much as possible

9. I got to visit with Sandie today. It had been too long

10. Bella is here, and I always enjoy when she hangs out with her Dad and I


YOUR TURN, FOLKS! What positive thing or things happened to you today? Comment and let us all know, or just tell yourself, but you’ll feel better! 👌🏻🌸😊💕

That’s my short list for the day. I am very blessed, and my life is pretty darn good! I work my butt off for what I have, and I’m thankful I can work my butt off!

On another note, one of co-workers has a friend who used the following:


I asked him what it meant, and it means


I laughed for a few minutes, because that’s amazing. She should copywrite it because it’s going to get popular very quickly. Keep in mind, she’s not a cusser, nor am I, but dang, this is funny. I do cuss when I get angry. But, when I’m happy or peaceful or content or calm – all the good feels, then I don’t have a desire to cuss. Cussing allows me to get my irritation out. It reminds me of the slang kids say – something is AF. “That gurl is annoying AF”. Look it up if you don’t know, and then secretly high five me because I think I’m cool for knowing what it means. I hope you focus on the good things in your life today. Make a point to clear your mind, and think about who makes you laugh, who makes you smile, who fills up your heart and soul. For me, this is more than one soul. Don’t limit yourself to one soul. We usually all have more people in our villages than we think.

Today is a day you can tell someone you love them or appreciate them, or that they make a difference in your life. The reason I thank people for making a difference in my day each post is because people rarely understand the impact they have on those around them. I want you to know that you made a positive difference in my day today. Some people don’t even have to do anything, but exist, and those villagers get thanked every single post. When I started this blog, I had no idea where it would lead me, but it’s become my real time diary that some people are reading and sharing with me. I’ve really enjoyed, and just wanted to thank those of you out there who are reading it, and I hope it’s doing something positive for you. THANK YOU.

Messin Around in the Studio – Will Smith

Will Smith & James Corden Karaoke

I really like Will Smith. He’s just a genuinely good person, and I enjoy pretty much anything he does. The full episode for Carpool Karaoke is on Apple Music, but I didn’t want to buy it or download it, and it’s really long, so if you want to watch it, go for it. I’m just putting videos up that make me happy.


THANK YOU for making a difference in my day today! Jamie, Judy, Mom, Michael, Dad, Kathey, Bella, Deea, Wes, Sandie, Daisa, Steve, Sol, Lupe, Matt.

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