Intuition is our Internal Alert System

Mentally Unique

Concept image of the six most common questions and answers on a signpost.How do you feel about trusting your intuition? Do you listen to it? Do you feel genuinely surprised when something turns out to be completely different than you thought? After reflecting on past experiences, I have been pretty good at feeling the signs. BUT I’ve definitely ignored some key gut feelings. If you decide to ignore yourself, there will be consequences. Could be good or bad. It depends on what you’re ignoring and why. I believe every decision we make changes the course of our lives. Let me give you the standard cliché here – what fork in the road do you take? If you’re ignoring yourself, your intuition, the knot in your stomach, the headache, the tingling or “butterflies”….. whatever it is to you, would you know the outcome if you go one way or the other? For me, not the exact details of a decision, but a good…

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2 thoughts on “Intuition is our Internal Alert System

  1. Hi Jenny, for some reason your posts are not showing up in my reader – I’m going to unfollow and refollow and see if that fixes it (just thought I should let you know!)


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